A self-taught juggler, Bach was immediately fascinated by this art form which encompasses dexterity, patience, visual graphics and manipulation.
He has studied alongside jugglers such as Stefan Sing, Emilianno Alessi, Emmanuel Perez, Morgan Cosquer, amongst many others.
Bach has participated in numerous events, offering a range of workshops in order to share his knowledge whilst improving his teaching method.
His perpetual research has allowed him to create his unique visual style combining movement and manipulation.
1985 Born
1998 First discovered juggling
2012 Creation of his first solo Songe
2013 Creation of the Manip's week with Damien Heinrich; a gathering focused on visual juggling
2014 Creation of the Esquisse project
2015 Began teaching at Vitamin circus school in France
Collaboration with Benjamin Kuperberg on the Bento project; a prototype of LED clubs
2016 Formation of the project Eole; a juggling trio with Julien Munsh and Alexander Ray Brettell
2018 Creation of the Coat project


The Coat

The inspector arrives at the crime scene under a sudden downpour of plastic rain.
He analyses the crime scene. His aim? to unravel the truth.
Will he become aware of his own subtle manipulations?...
Will he find out why the objects would have been dropped or why they were thrown?
Will he find out why gravity keeps her cards so close to her chest? And what about his imaginary friend?
So many questions to be answered in this intimate show of magnificent deduction and apparent nonsense....

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  • Duration : 9mn
  • All ages
  • Indoor or outdoor



Esquisse is the first phase in the process of creation.
It is the foundation of a more accomplished work. Using tools based on juggling, music and lighting,
our protagonist maps out his rules according to his inspiration and takes his audience along with him in search of a fleeting collective creation.
An interactive show, Esquisse is an invitation to imagination and surprise..

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  • Duration : 10mn
  • All ages
  • Indoor or outdoor




  • Duration : 10mn
  • All ages
  • Indoor or outdoor



A tornado of fire symbolising a totem is what our hero decides to challenge by manipulating his burning torches.
FIRE, a primary element used by our ancestors since time immemorial, is the main character in this show which combines juggling and choreography.
Celsius will show the audience how we can skillfully tame flames.
A performance suitable for all ages. Dont try this at home!

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  • Duration : 8-40mn
  • All ages
  • Outdoor



Explorers of invisible streams, three jugglers come to meet and summon these winds, which set in motion the world and come to deconstruct the landscapes.
Eole is an ode to the wind, to movement and to the joys of playing as a child innocence. Eole is a show for three jugglers immersed in the movement of air.
In the dancing of the wind.
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  • Duration : 45mn
  • All ages
  • Indoor or outdoor



Le nez levé à la Lune, La nuit guide félinement,
le funambule sur l' arête de son château de fable.
De note en bulle, un pas de plus en avant,
voilà que l' homme abandonne sa carcasse de vivant,
se jette un instant les bras de la brune...
Délicatement, le songe pousse l' homme en son inconscient, danse immobile, l' homme habile, fige un instant le corps vivant de sa déroute diurne. Et dans son rêve, bien éveillé, l' habitant habité s anime émerveillé...
Illustration poétique de Songe par ALICE DÉZAILES.
Show for sleepwalker in sleeping suit.

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  • Duration : 15mn
  • All ages
  • Indoor or outdoor

Body and Space

Interested in advancing your juggling skills?

I offer many kinds of workshops lasting from one hour to several days, which are tailored to suit the needs and demands of each individual. Through a series of exercises, games, movement exploration and more, you will discover new concepts in juggling which will guide you to greater precision. You will come away with the tools needed to become more efficient in your use of movement and space whilst having fun at the same time.
Contact me for more informations!
Link to the video here:

  • 3 objects manipulation | Duration : 2h
  • Sequence creation | Duration : 1h30
  • Body language | Duration : 1h (x2)
  • 1 object manipulation | Duration : 1h
  • Juggling and movement | Duration : 1-3 days

Move with arrow keys, fire with the space bar. The invaders get faster and drop more bombs as you complete each level!